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Romans 12 – Introduction

Romans 12 v 1-5 (Present your bodies)

Romans 12 v 6 (Gifts)

Romans 13  (Authority)

Romans 13v 11 – 15v 7

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Antioch, Paphos & Perga


Iconium, Lystra & Perga

Ephesus & Troas







Philippians -  Phil Coulson outlined the book over four nights.

(July 2004)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Revelation -  Jim Allen spoke on the Seven Churches.

(Nov 2004)








Sharing in Christ's risen life and ascencion.

Importance of gathering with Lord in the midst, especially on first day of week.

The peace enjoyed by believers, and separation from Judaism.

Colossians-  An outline of this book by Ian Jackson, highlighting the 5 ocurrences of the greek word "Playroo" (fulfil / complete) -May 2012

1v9 - Filled with the knowledge of His will

1v25 - Paul was to fulfil the Word of Gof

2v10 - Complete in Him

4v12 - Complete in all the Will of God

4v17 - Fulfil the ministry that you have received

New Testament Messages

Romans - Phil Coulson spoke on "Christian Living" from the book of Romans.

(May 2008)

Acts - John Stubbs gave an outline of Paul's missionary journeys from the book of Acts.

(Nov 2006)

John 20v 19-23 - The importance of faith`ulness in relation to assembly testimony. (May 2010)

Matthew 21 - A devotional portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Luke & Acts - A study of 4 disciples, Levi, Peter, Ananias and Dorcas.

(Simon Hall - May 2012)

Matthew 21

Four Disciples

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The hands of the perfect servant - Devotional and practical ministry about the miracles of our Lord recorded in Mark's Gospel.

(Jack Hay - Nov 2013)

Simon's mother in law and the leper - Chapter 1

Jairus' Daughter - Chapter 5

A Few healed- Chapter 6

1 Peter ch 1-  A study by Daniel Voisey -May 2015



Colossians ch 1-  A study by Jack Hay -May 2015

V 1-7

V- 8-19

Fruit of the Spirit -  Dan Rudge gave very practical teaching on this subject from Galations Chapter 5

(November 2015)

Introduction to the fruit of the spirit

First triad - love, joy, peace

Second triad - longsuffering, gentleness, goodness

Third triad - faith, meekness, temporance

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The Resurrection - Scott Dunn examines proofs of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus

(March 2016)

Examining the Facts of the Resurrection

Why Peter believed in the Resurrection

Why Paul believed in the Resurrection

Power of the Spirit -  Ian Jackson spoke for 3 nights on the subject "The Power of the Spirit"

(March 2016)

Power to Unify

Power to Testify

Power to Sanctify

Devotional truths concerning the Lord Jesus from the Gospels  (Ian Rees - May 2016)

Lesson from the betrayal night (John 14)

The Deity of the Lord (from John 1)

Ministry of John the Baptist and the Lord (Luke 3)

Romans 12 v 1– Present Your Body

Romans 12 v  2 -  Be not conformed but transformed

Romans 12 - Jeremy Holified expounded the first two key verses.

(May 2016)

Truths about Christ with key dispensational significance from John's Gospel (Ian Jackson - March 2018)

The Son of Man glorified (John 13v31), Which is in Heaven (John 3v13)

One fold and one shepherd (John 10v14-18)

What I do thou knowest not now (John 13v7), Thou shalt follow me afterwards (13v36)

Gems from the book of James with Dan Rudge -September 2017

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 v 1-12

Chapter 3 v 13 - 4v12

Chapter 5